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Posted at Aug, 20 2019

As I write this I am sitting in my home freezing and unfortunately this isn't the first time that I am experiencing this.

When I moved into this home a year ago the heat wasn't working and it took days to get it fixed and then it promptly broke a few days later. A band aid fix was put on the house which lasted until the weather warmed up and now I am back to freezing in my own home. I requested service on Thursday when the temperatures at night were dipping down into the 30's and was told that the best your company could do was get someone out Friday afternoon so I obviously was displaced from the home. I was forced to take a day off from work yesterday to accommodate the repair. This morning I wake up to the unit running, which I'm sure it did all night, and my house freezing again because cold air is blowing from the vents. I called maintenance and was told that the same vendor who "fixed" the issue yesterday could not make it back out until Monday meaning that I will not be able to stay in my home for the next two nights and I will have to take another day off from work to accommodate.

This is the second maintenance issue that has displaced me from my home. Back in August the water main leading into the house finally broke. The county came out and shut off the water at the meter at 10 am. I didn't have water restored to the home until 48 hours later making it the home uninhabitable. I reached out to my local property manager and left several messages with no return call. Furthermore after this issue was resolved my water bill decreased by about $80.00 a month which leads me to believe that this was an ongoing issue that I was paying for.

There have been a few minor issues in the past year that have not been addressed by your company or it took me asking multiple times to have them fixed. I still have a stove in the garage because it was replaced prior to my move in yet it was left in the middle of the kitchen, luckily the movers were kind enough to move it into the garage for me. When I repeatedly asked for the stove to be removed I was finally told to call Sears myself because they were the ones who were supposed to take it. Also there were blinds in the dining room that were broken and hanging off of the wall when we did the walk through. The leasing agent called maintenance about it but it wasn't until a month later, after I requested the blinds be replaced again, that it was done. And lastly after hurricane Irma came through and blew down sections of fence and the gate the repair job that was done is embarrassing and an eyesore with portions of the old PVC gate mixed in with portions of new wooden gate and fence.

I have tried to be patient and accommodating to all of these issues however my patience has run out. I have not been spoken to by my property manager about any of these issues. My home has been uninhabitable for at least one week total in the last year yet I have paid rent for all 52 weeks. This company does not care about the well being of their tenants and it is completely evident. My experience in this home has been unacceptable for the past year and I know that I am not the only tenant of this company who feels the same way.

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